The Brush Guard- Pamper, pack, and preserve your brushes with love.

Those who take that extra step to preserve their makeup brush hair, or those like me who have a slightly unhealthy obsession with their brush health overall, will appreciate this product from “The Brush Guard”.

I first ran across this product at The Artist Summit by The Powder Group in New York.  I know of a number of artists and brush consumers alike who have run into instances where a favorite brush has gone flat or just become wonky and warped from being placed in the wrong spot. This product offers a simple solution to keep them intact. Some of my own brushes have fallen victim to fraying bristles when I’ve rushed to pack my stuff up after a job and left it unprotected. I’ve even had to sacrifice my XL “aDesign” powder brush to the abyss that is the inside pocket of my makeup kit due to lack of room in my brush roll. I pray it is still intact every time I go into the abyss to reach for it!

So, between a combination of a forum post asking about this product and the fact that my 3 year old has been running around with it on her finger all day, I figure it’s time take a closer look at The Brush Guard to see what it can do for me and my brush set.

“The Brush Guard” comes in different variety packs from assorted sizes to multiple same size guards in one pack and total $5.50/pack.  I had received one medium brush guard to try out so I will show you what I was able to do with it. 🙂

The Brush Guard

My first question about this guard was “Would it keep the integrity of the shape of my brush?”. The last thing I wanted was for my nice fluffy blush brush to end up looking like a tube when the guard came off. I quickly did a simple test and figured out that the shape of the netting naturally gets fuller in the middle without a brush in it. As you can see from above, the brush guard has a little more give in the middle of the netting  allowing your brushes natural fullness to rest easy without too much pressure. I went ahead and tried it on a “normal size” blush/powder brush from Billy B’s brush collection and here are the results…

Brush Guard Demo with Billy B. powder brush

The brush was now slick and compact and free from frayed frazzled doom. I was impressed,  but the real test would be my poor neglected adesign powder brush. I took it out from the abyss, had a little talk with it about how I was selfish and put my other smaller brushes before it’s needs, then we started over  with a clean slate while I gave it it’s new Brush Guard coat.

The Brush Guard on adesing XL brush

She (the brush) is now sitting comfy cozy with the rest of her friends in the brush roll and will be used a lot more in the future. I’ll be placing my order for the assortment pack to get her in the proper large size soon enough. For now I will let her enjoy her new svelte self in the medium guard so she can regain her confidence in knowing she won’t be going into the abyss pocket anymore, but I doubt she’ll be letting her Guard down anytime soon.

Here is a video from the makers of The Brush Guard so you can see it in action:

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