Kat’s Kit Spotlight: Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentrè

I’ve found through reading various blogs that there are different types of product reviews. There are reviews of products that one has thoroughly tested for wearability, texture, coverage, and all the other elements that goes into making a beauty product great. It’s tested for the day and then decided upon whether the product is fantabulous, okay, or something you give to your kids to do art with. There are also the reviews that have come from the writer truly knowing the product thoroughly and who has fallen in love with it enough to use it on a daily basis. Those are the beauty products that will be featured in “Kat’s Kit Spotlight” . I have a number of products that I have used and abused on every shoot or event because of it’s reliability. When I use these products I know that it will do precisely what I need it to do which makes the job that much easier. I’m sure over time this section will be condensed more and more to being affectionately known as a “KatKit” product, but for now I introduce you to my first official product spotlight…


There is no better place to start than with one of my basics I use to prep most the skin I work on for print and events: Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre also known as 24-hour miracle cream.

Embyolisse has always been one of those products, for me, that everyone else had and sounded intimidating enough for me NOT to try. I’m a simple girl. Give me some Cetaphil or something that says moisturizer on it and I’ll be A-Ok. 🙂 Well, when I noticed this moisturizer in artist’s kits backstage  (at- every- show- I -ever- worked- on!) I started to wonder if maybe I wasn’t giving it enough of a chance. I decided to pick some up at  The Powder Group’s NY Makeup Show and see what all the fuss was about.

This cream is seriously lovely! I will say upfront, it’s not for everyone as I wouldn’t go straight for this cream on someone oily, but I would go for it for just about every one else. If someone is only dry around the nose, I will massage this cream around the dry patches until the skin is smooth. If someone is tight or dry on the whole face then this too will go on the whole face. It has a medium thick consistency and you are able to instantly feel irritated and/or dry skin relax.

The neat thing is that this product also has multiple uses. Besides moisturizing and calming irritation, Embryolisse can also be used as a moisturizer/primer in one and a makeup remover!  I will use this as a moisturizing primer for everyone from normal to dry skin. I will only use a separate primer after if I’m working with more mature skin that needs more filling in of fine lines.

I have been very pleased with Embyolisse Lait-Creme Concentre even if for the life of me I still can’t pronounce it. 🙂 I’ve been in luck though as it’s amazing how the makeup artists in the industry know exactly which product it is when you just call it Embryolisse, even when a whole skin care line is available through them. I have dabbled in some of their other products and do love the eye cream (which I have stolen from my kit for myself) and the lip moisturizer. The whole family uses the lighter version body lotion called Lait CrèmeConcentre Fluide Hydratant. It overall is a fantastic line but to keep it simple…

Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentrate. You are the “Kat’s Kit” first spotlight. 🙂

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