elevate artists Industry Workshop in the Washington DC Metro area

Hi World! First off I want to say Happy New Year!!!

I’m pleased to announce since we’ve last talked I have started a company with my husband called “elevate artists”.

elevate artists is a concept that was thought up and brought to fruition by myself and my photographer husband, Luis Aragon. (With the coaxing of some amazing artist friends). Throughout both our careers we’ve met and become great friends with incredibly talented and in demand artists in every genre of the fashion and commercial industry including other photographers, digital retouchers, makeup artists, stylists, models, and more. When we opened the doors to our Washington DC based studio we invited artists to hold workshops at their studio when noticing a trend of top quality education bypassing the area. The workshops that took them up on their invitation included in demand names such as The Powder Group, Billy B., Lotstar, Jamie Nelson, Kevin James Bennett, Deshawn Hatcher, Sean Armenta, Suzanne Patterson, and more…

elevate artists is another chapter in what started inside the doors of our old studio and has grown into its own entity.

our purpose…
is to provide artists access to guests artists who are currently doing big things in the industry…allowing artists to feel comfortable they are getting the most up to date information and techniques being currently used on sets around the world, without having to go far from the comforts of home. We understand and agree that you can never stop learning in your field and elevate artists looks to be a reliable source of the fuel you need for your career to elevate to the next level.

our goal…
is to not only provide classes that are in demand nationally– but also to provide exclusive appearances by internationally known artists who do not regularly hold classes. This gives you, our student, a chance to choose the education that is most beneficial for the path you want to take in your career.

our vision…
is to keep the event lineup fresh by bringing you different options of classes on a regular basis. No one knows your truest career desires more than you, so what may work for someone else may not work for your own path. We will always be open to suggestions on the types of classes you are seeking.

our promise…
is to serve your education needs with integrity. The artists and students who teach and learn with us do so because they trust us to offer the workshops without any mishandling. If there are any unforeseen circumstances that causes one of our classes to cancel or reschedule, our students will be given the choice to have their deposit refunded or held for the rescheduled date, or even another class entirely. Integrity is important to us so everyone can feel comfortable they are taking a workshop that is being run with the utmost care and respect for your time.


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  1. Thank you so much for providing us this opportunity. I look forward to hearing about your classes. I am a self taught Makeup Artist, and I do have a full time job besides this. I would love to hear about this more.
    Thank you so much

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